Private Readings with Zac & Xoltal

Xoltal is a collective of higher dimensional beings and guides.

Xoltal’s message is one of upliftment. They work with the underlying energies of the universe and often play the role of relaying messages to star seeds on Earth in these times. Their energy is very uplifting and they are great joy to interact with!

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Chat with Xoltal!

Xoltal loves to chat! If you feel the chat with them, it probably means they have a timely message for you 😉

There is sooo much to chat about!

  • Past life remembrances, clearings and activations
  • Identifying and connecting to your galactic family
  • Bringing clarity to unanswered questions about reality
  • Understanding what is currently going on in your life
  • Gaining direction on your life’s purpose(s)
  • Reading from the Akashic records
  • Clearing blockages in your energy field
  • Instructions on how to overcome obstacles you seem stuck with
  • Bringing more upliftment and encouragement to your life
  • Guided meditations into deeper awareness
  • Movements and exercises for increased excellence
  • Anything else you want to ask about!


I try to move through my challenges on my own as much as I can. But whenever I feel truly lost, I turn to Zac for extra guidance. And he keeps exceeding my expectations every time! In just half an hour it feels like my understanding of life is making a major leap, that could have otherwise taken me years or decades. I am truly amazed how one session can lift me up and make me feel so much lighter around the heaviest things that life sometimes throws at us. I am super grateful for this opportunity to connect with this gifted and very compassionate guide/friend/angel! 🙏♥️


My session with Xoltal was amazing. I love his energy! I understood his explanation on things happening now and in the future with me and my direction was pretty clear. I was given some “homework” and I look forward to learning more about myself with the help of Xoltal in the future!


The session with Xoltal was great! It really helped me get a better understanding of a situation that was bothering me and Xoltal also gave me techniques to use when dealing with negative emotions and thoughts, Zac too was very understanding and made me feel at ease through the whole session. I really thank them both🙏


I enjoyed connecting with Zac and Xoltal. You can feel the love emanating from them both. Xoltal shared amazing things about myself and my purpose that I suspected were true, but hearing it from this source was a huge confirmation. He said I have a huge capacity for bringing in the love and light and anchoring it here. That is my purpose. To just be me, living in joy. Xoltal helped me to stop doubting and questioning my abilities to connect with my guides, and to be more confident in my receiving and knowing.


Unbelievable! I just had a channeling session – life altering! Highly recommend Zac and his Guides for both Channeling and Pranic Healing sessions! Very beneficial!


Book a Session

Sessions take place via Zoom and you will get a recording to download and keep.

When you book a session you can share what it is you would like to ask about and there is usually a bit of back and forth during sessions where you have a chance to ask follow up questions.

Usually Xoltal likes to meet more than once so you can really integrate the energy work and messages they bring.

For ultimate upliftment book a three pack session or monthly recurring sessions for a couple of moons. Otherwise, if you just want a little taste, start with a 60 minute session.

NOTE: A $9 Patreon Membership gets you 60 minute sessions and gift cards for $139 plus access to all of our community events! Join Patreon, then book a session.

Give the Gift of Xoltal

Have someone that could use some Upliftment and Guidance from higher channeled beings? Order them a Xoltal gift card good for one 60 minute session with Xoltal!

Don’t have the funds at the moment, but need to meet with Xoltal? Contact Zac.