Vogel Style Crystal Wand


Have a crystal calling you?

Ready for a powerfully concentrated crystal wand to amplify your meditative and healing abilities?

This is it.

Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect cut.

Each purchase comes with a Zoom session with Zac to learn how to cleanse, charge, and best use your crystal!

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Superb Vogel-inspired, double-terminated Crystal Wand Generator that’s perfect for crystal novices, or anyone interested in crystal healing work.

With 8 facets hand-cut with precision at the terminations to 52 and 60 degrees and then polished to perfection. This wand measures 4-1/2” in length and tapers from approximately 1” to 3/4”. Weighs 70-80 grams Each one is cut from water-clear Brazilian Clear Quartz.

This pocket-sized healing crystal is the perfect form for smooth delivery of crystal energy. Excellent starter crystal for the beginner or anyone who’d like to have a constant companion as it fits nicely in a pocket, purse or backpack.

This healing crystal wand is also the perfect size for educators and instructors to teach healing crystal work in seminars or in the classroom.

What do we mean by “Vogel Style”? This double-terminated crystal is cut with precision using natural quartz but was not cut by one of the few authentic Vogel lapidaries remaining who practice Marcel Vogel’s directions. The cut and polish are excellent and the energy of the crystal is superb.


Marcel Vogel’s “Forced Breath” Method of clearing & programming healing crystals:


  1. See yourself being filled with peaceful, loving white light.
  2. Clarify your intentions by focusing them on your healing crystal as you inhale deeply.
  3. Exhale forcefully onto the crystal to complete clearing.
  4. Ask the crystal if it is fully cleared, listen for the answer, repeat as necessary. A pendulum can also be used to get this answer.


  1. Focus your mind on your intention or desired outcome.
  2. Inhale & fill your lungs with your intention, seeing yourself being filled with white light.
  3. Use “forced breath” (exhale forcefully through nose or mouth) to charge your crystal with your intention.