Negative Ion Generator


This is the most affordable and powerful negative ion generator.

You will notice the highly ionized field this device creates!

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I have used variations of the Wein Vortex VI-3500 ion generators for many years.

Although it is marketed as an “air purifier” it does much more than that.

Highly ionized fields are beneficial for healing, meditating and growing plants such as micro greens.

I would often place one of these near my bed and near where I grow my micro greens and indoor crops.  Sometimes I would place two near where I meditated.

Due to the highly ionized field you should not place anywhere near computers, TVs, or things like that.

Although I highly recommend getting several of these negative ion generators, I will say that they did not tend to last too long, so expect to purchase a new one every few years.  That said, I still highly recommend this product.

However, they do create a highly ionized field that you will be able to literally feel if you place your hand or face near the device.

NOTE: This will cause dust and dirt particulates in the air to fall to the ground.  So, be prepared to regularly clean the area near where you place these.  This is why they are marketed as air purifies.  It is common and expected that dark dust and dirt may settle on the ground, walls or surfaces near where you place these.