A Program for Starseeds
Who Want To Raise Their
Baseline Frequency
Across All Areas of
3D - 5D Life.

Let me explain why this program exists..

We find ourselves on Earth at this time for a reason: To aid in the process of Ascension. (Of course to learn and have fun too).

This requires us at our fullest and brightest.

These times challenge us all to become the most incredible versions of ourselves possible. This means going beyond our wildest imagination, and certainly beyond any limitations that have held us back up to this point.

No matter how old we are, everything we have been through has prepared us for this time right now. No matter what we are going through in life at the moment, there are areas where we want to excel even further.

This does not just apply to breaking through obstacles. It also involves the application of our passions and experiences to the creative creation of the New Earth.

Luckily the plan for these times include receiving help. Our Guides and Teachers, Star Families and Higher Selves all whisper in our ears and encourage us to paths of highest excitement.

We also have each other. Although Star Seeds are spread out around the world, this is by design. And it need not stop us from finding strength in our networks and relationships.

But let's be real for a second.

This process is tough.

We often need help.

Sometimes we need a lot of help.

And that is why this program exists.

To provide you with even more help than you thought you needed, to achieve even more than you imagined you could. 

That is what the Xoltal Mentorship program is all about.

This is How We Do it.

Weekly Gatherings For Consistency and Strength

A variety of group events throughout each month keep you engaged, accountable and feeling the Love.

Checkin 1-on-1 with Xoltal For Regular Upliftment

Get into the nit and gritty of your life and ask Xoltal all of your personal questions.

Qi-Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation 

Every Monday we meet to learn and practice powerful techniques for elevating our frequency and sustaining it.

Health Coaching &
Energy Upgrades 

Sessions with a professional Medical Medium and Pranic Healer will help you to operate at your clearest and brightest.

Connect More Intimately with Your Guides 

Channeling coaching and practice exercises help you to become a clearer channel for the Divine.

5D Business Coaching
For Your Passions

We all have something spectacular to contribute to the New Earth. Whether you are earning a living following your passion or not, this coaching will help you give more to and get more from your work.

Meet your hosts

Higher Density Beings

Xoltal is a collective of higher density beings here to help with the Ascension. You will regularly get channelings and support from Ra Xi Er, Metatron, Thoth, the Ra Collective, Jeshua, Mary, The Sisterhood of the Rose, Angels, and Galactic Star Family like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Lyrans plus more!


Zac Sacbe

Zac is a Channel with a background in Education and a propensity for the Mystic Arts. He brings an energetic and practical approach to his work channeling higher density beings and bringing in the New Earth.

Zac Sacbe Channel for Xoltal


Every Monday - Stretch, Breath, Meditate
First Thursday - Official Xoltal Gathering
Second Saturday - Mentorship Gathering
Third Thursday - Community Gathering
Fourth Saturday - Mentorship Gathering
Plus 2 Private Sessions w Xoltal Each Month
And 1 Pranic Healing Session Each Month
All Events are Recorded for Rewatching
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We want to ensure a high quality experience for you!

So, before you apply, ask yourself a few questions:

Are you dedicated to UPLIFTING your life?
Want SUPPORT along the way?
Can you follow HIGHER GUIDANCE?
Have a desire for strong COMMUNITY?
Are you able to make a 3 month minimum COMMITMENT?

Interested in the program, but have questions?
Setup a chat with Zac here.

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Mentorship Application

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