The Manifesting
Ascension Workshop

...Discover how to CREATE with LIGHT and MANIFEST your HIGHEST POTENTIAL in collaboration with your GUIDES

In this exclusive workshop, you'll learn the foundations of an ancient practice that allows you to manifest your visions in the Realm of Light and bring them into this reality.

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3 Secrets of the Realm of Light

We start with simple exercises and more into more advanced practices.

Secret #1

How to transition reliably to and from the Realm of Light

Secret #2

Working with your Higher Guides in the Realm of Light

Secret #3

Working with the Light Table and Manifesting Your Visions


Zac will bring through several Masters, Lineages, Angels, Higher Guides and others to lead the event.  You will also be working with your higher guides directly.


Our dear brother Jeshua will be an important part and partner in these exercise.  Many on the Earth plane at this time have a deep affinity for the Christ consciousness he brings.

Jesus / Jeshua / Yeshua

Mary Magdalene

Dear Mary Magdalene will join us as a guide, teacher and holder of the beautiful Divine Priestess energies and teachings.  Her frequency will help carry us to and sustain us in higher states.

Mary Magdalene

Xoltal is a collective of higher frequency beings here to assist with the energies of ascension. 
Ra Xi Er is a Blue Avian being who brings a humor and directness with a message of "Stay Uplifted."

Ra Xi Er & Xoltal

The Sisterhood of the Rose is an ancient lineage that goes beyond time and space and reachers to us from the very edge of where life extends into the infinite.  Their presence is LOVE itself carried into form.

The Sisterhood of the Rose


The Angels and Archangels play an important part in holding the container for this event.  We will bring in many of the angels to provide protection, support and guidance for all during the workshop and exercises.

The Angels

In addition to the other higher beings present, you will be working with your higher guides directly.  Some you may already know well, and some you may meet at the event.  Several of the exercises be done with your guides.

Your Higher Guides

Workshop Details

Total Time with Exercises 3-4 Hours


Get an idea of everything to expect from the workshop
Dance & Movement
This will get your circulation flowing for certain!
Techniques for increasing, calming and balancing
Xoltal's Introduction
Inspiration and a deeper insight into these teachings
Breakout Exercise 1
Time to reflect and process the events so far

Going Further

Transitioning to Light
Exercises that help you easily shift into your Light Body and then back again

Movement Break!
Integrate the energies from the previous exercise and prepare to continue
Unfolding and Folding Light
Work with your guides in the Realm of Light to expand, contract and manipulate light
Breakout Exercise 2
Record and reflect what you have learned about previous exercises

There and Back

Creation Exercises with Light
Learn to work with your guides at the Light Table in the Realm of Light to create your visions
So Above, So Below
The culmination of the event, work with your guides and the Rain of Light to bring your visions into this reality
Breakout Exercise 3
Integrate, process and solidify everything you have learned
Closing Circle & Next Steps
Honor and give thanks for all, set your intent for what comes next!

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Ascension Workshop

Become more capable of working with your higher guides and manifesting your visions in your life!

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