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Divine Tantra Workshop
w Jeshua & Mary

Want to Experience Blissful Tantric Union?

Of course you do!

We all want this experience!!!

You might not even know that much about Tantra. Does Tantra relate to sex? What does it mean to do a "Tantric Workshop" with Jeshua and Mary?

But you do know that Blissful Union with the Divine is something you want.

You have probably already experienced it to various degrees.

This workshop is going to be thick with the experience of deeply pleasurable, highly transformative, physical and light body activation.

workshop will provide channeled explanations from an ancient school of practical exercises, charged experiences and clarified understandings that guide passage through ascension experiences.

What to Expect

The workshop will open with a brief channeled history of ancient Tantric teachings and mystery schools from Earth and beyond.

Jeshua and Mary will then take turns explaining important concepts and leading attendees through specific exercises.

Be prepared to listen, breath, move, sit, meditate massage, and use your voice.

You do not need a partner. The exercises are not overtly sexual, although, sexually energy is harnessed and used for higher purposes in some exercises.

You will remain clothed during the event and on camera with the other attendees.

Harnessing the collective energies of the group is part of what aides the increased energy fields.

You will experience deeply pleasurable shifts in your body and energy field as well as pass through various states of heightened and altered consciousness.

The goal is to transport yourself into higher realms where the instruction of the ancient schools exists for you to access.

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