Courses & Workshops

Relationship Masterclass

$139 / 4 Hours

Want Happy And Healthy Relationships That Grow With You?!!

Uplift your relationships with channeled insights, tantric practices & deep energy healing in this life changing masterclass from Zac & Xoltal.

Merkaba & Flower of Life Workshop with Zac and Xoltal

The Merkaba & Flower of Life Workshop

$139 / 3 Hours

Explore new insights on sacred geometry in this interactive workshop! Discover how to integrate its principles into your daily life and spiritual practice by using these ancient patterns to clarify intentions, navigate time tunnels, and increase personal vibrational frequencies. Join us for an enlightening journey, where you’ll learn practical techniques to tap into the powerful energy of sacred geometry and transform your life.

Xoltal Speaks on A Course in Miracles

$139 / 3 Hours

Join us for an interdimensional evening of practical insights and humor with Zac, a long-time Course student and channeled guide Xoltal. Discover broader origins of A Course in Miracles, gain new perspectives, and connect with higher dimensional beings to enhance your understanding. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your appreciation of the Course teachings while having a bunch of laughs!

The Manifesting Ascension Workshop

The Manifesting Ascension Workshop

$139 / 3.5 Hours

Learn how to transition smoothly into your Light Body, work more tangibly with your Higher Guides, clarify your highest visions and potential in the Realm of Light, and manifest it all into this reality. Life changing lessons.

Divine Tantra Workshop

Divine Tantra Workshop

$139 / 5 Hours

This workshop takes you through exercises for connecting with Jeshua, Mary and your Higher Guides. Journey to the far edges of bliss and divine union.