We are all channels in our own unique way. We channel our higher selves, our connection to Spirit, and, often, a combination of our guides and teachers.

Channeling coaching provides the environment and training for you become a better channel.

If you have never channeled before, or tried to channel for quite some time, it is okay. Even if you have received coaching in the past, if you are feeling the call, it is time to go further.

How Xoltal & Zac can help

Xoltal helps to open and strengthen connections between you and your guides. This creates a noticeable effect that makes the channeling process easier.

They also help interpret and pass on messages from your guides so you gain greater confidence in hearing and trusting.

Zac is also there to share a human perspective of the channeling process and experience. He has deep training in holding space and this can help the human side of you feel more open and comfortable.

What to expect in your sessions

Sessions take place via Zoom.

When we first work together, we discuss where you are in your channeling journey and set some goals for where you are going.

A typical session generally starts with a tuning in process. This is a combination of you opening up to your guides and Xoltal strengthening the connection, like a powerful antenna array.

Once the connection is established, any opening messages or communicates are shared.

From there, the majority of your sessions will involve you practicing exercises that help you become more clear, confident and consistent. The specific exercises will evolve and change based on your needs.

Towards the end of sessions, the connection is stepped back down and any closing remarks and guidance is shared. You will usually receive homework to practice before the next session.

In between sessions you have access to ask questions of Zac & Xoltal or share experiences that come up for you.

By the end of the sessions you will confident as a channel!

Hear from happy students

From Candy

“I have been getting what I call “snippets” of information from my guides for some time but I wanted more! I just was not sure how to best open up to the information.

In channeling sessions with Xoltal, they have walked me step by step through the process of connecting and being able to listen and trust. How to know who is connecting with me. They have done this through exercises during the sessions and then with some “homework” to do in between sessions.

I feel that my set of tools for communication has expanded significantly in just a few sessions. Zac has helped me to understand channeling from this earthly/human side as well which has helped me to recognize and interpret feelings around the energies coming in.

I have such gratitude to Zac and to Xoltal for their help and guidance and in helping me move forward much faster than I would have been able to if left to figure it out on my own!!”

From Cristina

Getting started

This program involves meeting every twice a month for instruction, practice and guidance. Between sessions you are given homework assignments to practice. All along the way you will be amazed at how profound your connections to your guides and life itself expands!

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