I knew I would leave technology when telepathy caught on

My background is in education. I started as a high school teacher, taught college a bit, and eventually got into teaching online. I’ve taught a range of topics – from world history and geo-politics, to web design and programming. My Masters in curriculum development and passion for sharing knowledge has helped me serve hundreds of thousands of people.

But I always knew that when telepathy caught on, I would have to switch from teaching technology to teaching a whole new consciousness based science of light engineering that we barely have the vocabulary to explain.

As the world shifted into the time of awakening we find ourselves in now, I all of a sudden found myself channeling answers people’s life questions and shifting their energy into high states of vibrancy as a full time job! Deep healing was happening for myself and others. Not just healing, but rising up into a whole new level of engagement and upliftment with life.

Today I am set afire with a mission to awaken a healer in every home on the planet.

But this didn’t happen by accident. When I look back on my life it was all leading to this.

From Mayan Time Science to Confucian Temples

My earliest memories are laying in bed at night as a young child, asking my mom, “What are we doing here?” I knew something more was supposed to be going on here with humanity. I knew there was more to this life than go to school, get a job, have a family, live a bit and die.

As a teenager I dove deep into Mayan Astrology and began receiving information from Arcturian, Sirian and other Galactic sources. This taught me more about the global shifts coming. On 2012 Winter Solstice I made my way to Chichen Itza before dawn while my friends gathered everyones’ hands together. We circled the pyramid in dance and song, birds circled overhead, and I could tell new gateways were already open. This vision had appeared to me repeatedly from an early age. It is one of my fond memories of being on Earth in these times.

My first semester of college I dropped out to play music full time. But before I did, a mother of a classmate extended an invitation that changed my life. I was initiated into a Buddhist / Confucian / Taoist lineage unlike anything I had experienced before (or since). It was a funny time at first, alternating time playing bass for a hip hop band at bars and studying the I-Ching and Buddhist texts at the closest temple. After some wonderful fun and success with the music, I really wanted to take the Bodhisattva Vows and become fully dedicated to studying this path. So I did.

I remember nights sleeping on the temple floor after a class on The Non Dualistic Teachings of the Sixth Patriarch. The teaching of non-duality was key. Only the Truth is True. This really helped me appreciate texts like A Course in Miracles later in life.

But what I have found really shaped me over the years were the Confucian teachings. You see, many of temple keepers also had families. The families would live in the temples (or the temples would live in the family homes). I saw such incredible and repeated demonstrations of how to honor and operate with family members. The “Great Harmony” hung on the wall of the temple I frequented the most. It is Confucius’s vision of a society where everyone takes care of themselves and others. It is the same vision I have today.

The temple keeper I studied most directly under would often tell me, “Zac, you have to learn everything the Masters are telling you then figure out how to share it with the world. Many others do not have this experience or information.” They also explained how this was a “Harvest” time period on Earth and the Truth is to be widely available so as many beings as possible can ascend.

There was one thing I did not learn in depth at the temples though that I still desired to know. I had studied energy from an academic perspective, but did not really have full mastery of my energetic system. So I set out to learn.

My sister and I were brought up in an Iyengar Yoga household, so I had studied and taught Hatha yoga for many years. When I left the temples I began studying (and then teaching) Kundalini Yoga and Modern Breathwork. ¬°Wahe Guru! That really gave me some technology to move energies with. In the classes I teach today, I still incorporate Kundalini Yoga, Modern Breathwork and the Qi-Gong I learned in the temples.

I also studied and began practicing Reiki and Pranic Healing. This added to my past training in reflexology and sports therapy massage. During my 2012 trips to Mexico I was also initiated into a lineage of Shamans and medicine people. That is where my name “Sacbe” comes from. Over the years I have return on occasion to the jungle temples to sit and learn with my now Godfather and his circle of medicine people.

All of this has given me such a far out and at the same time deeply practical experience with spiritual journeying and healing in some of the deepest ways.

And in comes Xoltal…

Let me tell you how they gave me the name “Xoltal.” (Pronounced Show Tall)

I had been channeling and working with the group for a while. And I really wanted to know their name. What I really wanted was more confirmation that what I was channeling was real (and I think they knew that).

So one night I’m at the hot springs with my partner Kate. We had been going back and forth from the icy cold water outside to the boiling hot springs for hours. So I was proper out of sorts. Then I start moaning the word “Xoltal” “Xoltal” “Xoltal.”

When I tried to lookup the word later all I could find was one text referencing the word to mean “bow down.” I later learned its true meaning is closer to the word “reverence.” They also showed me a time when they had been at the Mayan temples of Palenque, which was a vision I saw but did not understand when I had visited the temples my first time. All of this gave me much more than just a name, it gave me the deep confirmation I was asking for in such a beautiful way.

Xoltal comes with a simple message, “Stay Uplifted!” They say they have seen many ascension cycles and this is the most widely applicable, catch all approach for navigating times of ascension.

But they also like to chat! Particularly about what they call New Earth Science. This is where it comes full circle for me from what I knew as a young child. Teaching telepathic communication, channeled healing and doing so with an awakening population!

If you have a chance to feel Xoltal being channeled in person you’ll get an idea of how powerful their energies are. This is because they bring their messages through on the waves of ascension that are lifting everything up at these times. Most people react, “Wow! That was powerful. That shifted something in me!”

I thought when I started channeling Xoltal and doing healing sessions full time that I would be fulfilling the great calling to step into work with them.

Ahaha, turns out I was wrong.

Xoltal pointed out one day that when I show up to channel them, they are really doing all the work.

If I wanted to help them then my job could be to spread their message to millions of people. This actually involved quite a bit of human ingenuity and a lot of human work.

So these days my mission is to share Xoltal’s message and energy of upliftment with as many people as possible.

They helped me distill their core wisdom and techniques into a healing modality that everyone can learn and teach to others. “A healer in every home” as the founder of Pranic Healing used to say. That is my work now, finding a healer in every home and building the community and resources to support them.