“Xoltal” is an ancient Mayan word for those who kneel before the divine.

Xoltal is a collective of higher consciousness beings who are playing a part in the evolution of Earth at this time. Their channelings focus on upliftment and how to best navigate these times.

During the time of the Maya, some used the term “Xoltal” to refer to this collective and the transmissions of upliftment they bring. Although they have been given varoius names at different times, this was the name I was given to refer to them by.

My primary contact with this collective is through a Blue Avian, Ra Xi Er, working through one of the satellite spheres in the Alpha Centauri system. This group has been in communication with me throughout my life.

The larger collective of Xoltal includes many who are not incarnate and some that are the life within the larger high frequency energies we are passing through in these times.

There is a connection between Xoltal and the Ra Collective and Blue Avian Collective as well. There are also connections between many of what we might call angels as well as Metatron, Hermes, Thoth.

When I began publicly channeling Xoltal in 2020 I realized they are in direct and indirect communication with many star seeds at this time.

The message and energy transmissions of Xoltal can be felt in The LOVE LIGHT MANTRA that they regularly share and encourage us to practice experiencing:

I am
The Love and
The Light and
The Joy and
The Peace
Forever and
Ever and
I am


About The Channel

Zac Sacbe is a life long seeker, rememberer, and wind riding Aquarian. He has dedicated himself to the study, practice and teaching of many philosophy, religious practices, and spiritual paths. As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Pranic Healer and Qi Gong Practitioner he has always worked with many of the healing and energy cultivation pathways.

Zac began consciously channeling in his late teens then stopped for a time in his twenties when too many doors where open and a more solid spiritual foundation and strength was needed. In 2020 he began posting his channelings to YouTube as a practice. A year later his lift shifted into helping Xoltal full time, doing channelings and healings.

Before his work with Xoltal, Zac worked as a teacher by day (and sometimes night) while running several side businesses. Teaching a range of subjects from History to Web Design at the high school and college level he later went on to teach online and make his own courses.