Dear Ones!

Xoltal is a collective of beings that work with the energies of ascension. They come with a message and energy of upliftment.

What does Xoltal bring for you? Strengthening, balancing and healing of your body and mind; Clarity on what calls you and how to have the courage to follow it; Encouragement and extra energy to grow!

Time with Xoltal is high energy and has been know to cause significant shifts for the positive. Get ready to have the dial turned up on your life!


“Best therapy session
I’ve ever had!”


“Unbelievable! Life altering!”

“Migraine free for 2 months!”

“The next day
I could walk again!”

“I continued to feel the strong supportive presence.”

Let’s Get Specific.

Focus helps us make the most of time. So, decide first, where you want to start:

  1. I want to feel better!
    Physical, mental, emotional, energetic healing comes with pranic healing.
  2. I seek clarity.
    For questions about life, experiences and direction, book a private session.
  3. I am ready to follow my passion!
    5D business coaching provides wholistic support to bring your dreams into this reality.

Not sure where to start? Book a session here.

Meet Zac Sacbe

A channel for Xoltal, Zac works to support the shared vision of Upliftment and fullfilling the 5D Blueprint for Earth and humanity. With a background in various spiritual paths, healing modalities, and educational approaches, the pairing works well.