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The Art of Healing

Your Interdimensional Chat Show Podcast

Where higher dimensional beings chat with each other and interesting humans for the entertainment of New Earth.

Buckle in to your interdimensional ship of upliftment and get ready to laugh your way to new perspectives on reality and your connection to it.

This one is for all you Starseeds, Channeling Enthusiasts, Lightworkers, Healers of All Kinds, Open Hearted, High Frequency, Elevating, Eternal Souls out there. Enjoy the vibes 🙂

New guests twice a month.

Xoltal Card Deck

Uplift Your Spiritual Practice with the Xoltal Oracle Deck

Bring some Xoltal humor and insight into your daily routine with this uplifting oracle card deck!

Get stuck? Draw a card!

Want insight on a current situation? Draw three cards (past present future)!!!

Feeling like some inspiration? Just let one come to you 🙂

Xoltal Card Deck
Xoltal Card Deck

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